Guess who’s under the bus now?

Under the bus, we ran into a lot of Republicans. No, not the Jordans or Issas, or Gomerts or Gingriches; it was the McCains, Flakes, Sasses, and those few others who cannot stand what Trump is doing.
But finally very, very sober people are using the word treason. Our junior high culture will soon be referring to the T word. As Trump voters who said Obama was an apologizer and an appeaser and who constantly called for a tough stand against our adversaries blanch at Trump’s cock-sucking of Putin, lots more people will be under the bus until finally there’s enough of us to overturn the bus. We’ll all come scuttling out like a bunch of angry cockroaches and, with the Will of God, throw the rascals out.
With this happening just before the November mid-terms, my guess is a lot of shame-faced Republicans will stay home and doom both national and local candidates of their party. If Democrats, Progressives, Independents and a few Republicans who finally have got back on their meds show up at the polls, the Blue Wave may indeed hit. If, against all expectation and experience, our feckless youth can stub out their marijewana cigarettes long enough to go vote, it’ll be a tidal wave aka tsunami. In fact, with March for Our Lives, Black Lives Matter, and other civil rights groups march and register, it may be an inundation rather than a wave.
So, hold your breath.

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