Feeding the society

The former national Teacher of the Year, Johana Hayes, is now running for office in Connecticut. Her own background is very tough and she rose above that. She said it was on a trip she took her students on to build for Habitat for Humanity that she asked herself who was going to assure the future for these kids of hers, the future she was telling them about.
I recall an excellent student transferring into my Latin class from Connecticut, from Hartford. Another teacher had just come from there and she began filling me with the standard OMG story. How many of those stories go into the national narrative on education, youth, and poverty? Can this one teacher push back? I hope she wins. God forbid we get a Republican in there who will invoke Natural Law or Social Darwinism to tell us we are tinkering with the will of the lord if we intervene to make things better for these kids. The only concept they have of making things better for kids is to take them away from their parents and put them in cages.

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