I’ve found my candidate!

Unlikely perhaps, but he is Corey Stewart of Virginia, who is seemingly pushing for the solution to our divisions I have advocated for some time now: secession and, I would assume, a resurrected Confederacy.
Stewart is raising eyebrows and Confederate flags. He faces Tim Kaine in the fall. Openly supporting Confederate monuments is not enough for Stewart, he champions rebellion and invokes the names of Jeb Stuart, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson along with Washington, Jefferson, et al. as Virginians who rebelled.

Please rebel Mr. Stewart, you and all your compatriots in the C.S.A. who hate an America with immigrants (even those from Minnesota?) and people whose religion is not Evangelical Christianity. Any one not falling into the category of native born (when? oh, that doesn’t matter – it’s being a White person from the North Atlantic cultures that matters) who wants to continue living in the New Confederacy will be welcomed back with open arms to freedom when they have had enough of cross-burnings and lynchings.

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