Some time back I posted a url of a gospel group of West African women shaking their behinds. That was in response to a very self-righteous post on a listserv condemning a video with Shakira which had little girls shaking their booties. This was eroticizing the girls, according to this very Christian person. She not only was unable to see the use of hips in dancing as something cultural and not connected to the sick sexual mores of Western Christianity, but she excoriated me for suggesting it was not indecent.
Just tonight I watched a group of children dancing, again, in West Africa, and, again, showing pelvic thrusts and hip shaking and bootie twirling, all of which will land you in Hell according to Western Christians (is it any wonder fewer and fewer Europeans claim it as their religion?) Watch this:
Now as the good religious folk watch this in horror, don’t you have to wonder what goes on in their brains to see something indecent in this?
I hadn’t seen this when I wrote on twerking. I’ll combine these or link them. Aug. 15, 2018

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