Eddie Glaude on owning your policies

Yes, Republicans, that’s you he’s talking about. And I don’t want to hear any self-righteous claims of arrogance on his part or my part, that we have no right to call you out on your ways. They are your ways. You chose them just like you chose Trump and continue to choose Trump.
Characterizing the people around Trump, Glaude used the words indecency, greediness, selfishness, narcissicism….., mean and hateful grifters who don’t care about anything, not the working man, not America, not no thing.

If Republican’s policies are so important to them, their goals, their vision for the country, then own up to what those are and how you are going about reaching your goals in your winner-take-all, zero sum game. You want judges, Republicans? Tell us what you want them for. You want to overturn basic policy like HUD tracking housing segregation? You want to promote for-profit colleges? And you want to deregulate so communities dying from pollution, seeing cancer rates go up, asthma deaths, go up, and on and on? Then own up to it.

Stop telling the American people that you care about them. The above summarizes Glaude’s diatribe fairly and represents what I think all Democrats need to be saying. There is no way they will lose votes they were never going to get. The people who support Trump, who can’t tell the difference between an alpha male and a psychopath, think all Democrats and Liberals and Progressives are a pack of Com-Symps (did I just date myself?), tree-huggers (we just want some left to hug), snow-flakes (black from pollution), justice warriors (too bad we don’t believe in carrying guns), and so on with their stereotypes. They will never vote for anything but the Australopithecines they’ve put in office. Go for it, Dems!

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