The Tony Brown story

In the Magnum Opus I told the story of the Black Republican event where Tony Brown of Tony Brown’s Journal was speaking. Steak and chicken were served and most people ordered steak; not my wife. So the steaks came, nice and properly rare, and my wife told the waiter, “Watch. These people (almost everyone there was Black) will be sending those steaks back.” “Why?” the waiter, a White guy, asked. “Because they’re not cooked,” was the reply. He assured her the steaks were cooked just right and noted how my son and I were chowing down with gusto. But a few minutes later, he came back to mention what we were already observing with laughter, all the waiters scurrying back to the kitchen with those steaks to have them cooked more. The waiter and us had a good laugh as my wife explained the Black folk like their meat dead.
That’s just a cultural thing. Not universal but very common. That’s why I’m careful at Black BBQs.

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