The Appeal of Autocracy

From Foreign Affairs magazine, May-June 2018, Malaysian Prime Minister speaking in 1992 said, “Authoritarian stability has enabled prosperity whereas democracy has brought chaos and increased misery.”

Like so many things in our lives, autocracy offers what at first appears to be an easy way out. I’m reminded of that when I am tempted to do an exercise at the gym in a way that makes it easier but does not get me where I want to go. At 77 (as of this coming Wednesday) I don’t have a lot of time to make mistakes. So I push myself.

What is the equivalent of that among a whole people trying to govern themselves? The elephant or gorilla or aardvark in the room is taxes. A nickel a year would still cause some people to go off and get their muskets, ready to bring down the tyrant. I liken it to those who cannot stand living in a development with an HOA: they want FREEDOM! Freedom to paint their house polka-dot and run a bunch of girls out of the house plying their trade up and down the street. But guy next door who has a howitzer sitting in his front yard pointed barrel down toward the neighbor’s front door has that freedom, too. To him it’s simple: don’t bother me and I won’t shoot you.

A less overly dramatic way to put it is to drive into a non-HOA neighborhood and notice the cars parked on front lawns, dead lawns, cars parked all up and down the streets, garbage cans left out and overflowing, dead cats in driveways…… OK, but you get the idea. HOAs bring order along with a bit of tyranny, just like taxes. You CAN go to jail for not paying your taxes and people DO lose their homes for being in arrears with their HOA dues.

But the P.M. might say: “Same thing here. You give up a bit of order for greater personal freedom; we prefer giving up a bit of personal freedom for more order, so our families can walk down the street without being harassed.” As was said, in the KGB Soviet Union, a woman could walk down a Moscow street at 2 in the morning without fear. (I doubt that is literally true but in general it marks the controlled environment possible under stringent police patrols).

My solution, setting up the Confederate States of America again, is that sort of thing; greater security from Black crime as long as you live in a White neighborhood. Let’s face it, that’s what this is all about. The specter of the giant black slave rising up against his “master” and all that is his. If you think I am exaggerating, take a look at Tucker Carlson’s Fox News “account” of the mass killings of White farmers in South Africa.


  1. 伟思礼 says:

    The non-HOA neighborhoods in Fort Wayne are not anything like that because the entire city has a bit of “tyranny.” Most neighborhoods with HOAs are slightly better, but there are a few that are completely ridiculous with their meddling.

    As for the CSA, I’d have no problem splitting into two countries _IF_ there were some process in place for a person or family to trade places with someone in the other if both didn’t like/vote for the kind of country they were in. My immediate family would want OUT if Oklahoma were to go CSA.

    And what about the military? Give them a choice? The majority would choose to be Yankees. Sorry, Rebs, you’ll have to create your own army and navy.

    1. Pat Barrett says:

      Very good. I’d like to get more people’s opinion on that. To tell the truth, I think it’s my way of smoking out people who claim not to like the way this country has been going since (the New Deal, the Democrats took over, the Republicans took over, men stopped wearing wigs). What do they really want? No taxes? No private property? Free sex?

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