Finally, some pull-ups

My work on the assisted pull-up rack at the gym paid off. Yesterday I got 3 sets of one, and good ones. My program for pull-ups starts at 5 sets of one, so next time I’ll go for five. But I really impressed myself.
I’m going in without a definite list of exercises and alternating light and heavy days, trying to get in most every day. Either light heavy or lower body upper body or push pull. I am enjoying it.
I had a heart test, a heavy duty one called for by two doctors, one, a pulmonary specialist, who had told me my heart and lungs were in great shape. I am hoping my primary care doctor is impressed so she’ll stop sending me everywhere for tests.

My nephew has indicated he’ll send me a new workout in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to it.

Sept. 20 I am on the 22111 level now and got them today. My wife’s nephew is coming Nov. 2 with workouts. Exciting. I can get him into the gym with me to check my form.

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