Jesus or Trump?

Frank Schaeffer, recovering evangelist (still evangelical, just not spreading hate and poison like the current movement), pointed out on A.M. Joy yesterday that Trump’s followers in the Evangelical movement are following Trump in the place of Jesus. Which makes me wonder……
Just who did these people think Jesus was or is? If they could so easily replace him with Trump, just what sort of person did they think Jesus was? If they saw him (Him, to the Evangelicals) as a sword wielding demon in a fight to the death with infidels, then Trump fits the bill except for his bone spurs.
But if they saw Jesus as a compassionate and humble person leading by example and sacrificing all not just for his loyal followers but for all people, then they have probably dropped off the Trump train already and possibly out of the Republican Party.
BTW, Schaeffer pinpoints the obsession with abortion as the sole criterion for these folks on which to judge politician or policy.


  1. 伟思礼 says:

    I’d have written in Jesus, but He’s not a citizen.

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