National Avenatti Day

Trump has declared today National Avenatti Day after the attorney who is about to blow the lid off the Kavanaugh nomination. His client is a woman with umpteen security clearances and has worked for the DOJ. She is not only a witness but a victim of Kavanaugh and Avenatti claims to have umpteen witnesses to corroborate her testimony. When Avenatti makes a statement like that, duck and cover – the man don’ play. Can’t wait.

Kavanaugh is an excellent representative for the male dominance patriarchy so well described in R. Marie Griffith’s Moral Combat. Everything from opposition to birth control and women’s suffrage to racist lynchings and anti-gay hate comes down, in her opinion, to the maintenance of male domination. She makes it clear that this is White Christian male domination. If for no other reason than the demographic changes where Christianity is bleeding adherents and non-White people are soon to be half the country, these folks are in a panic. They went so far as to not only elect Trump, they continue to support him through the most god-awful presidency imaginable. The U.N. reps openly laughed at him.

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