Shift in emphasis

Recently I switched from random exercises divided pretty much between heavy lifts and more body weight or lighter exercises to focusing on one or two muscle groups. So far, so good.

Oct. 7 Yesterday I had one of my best workouts. I did 2 sets of everything. I tried db curls at 25# and got 10 with a bit of a struggle at the last rep showing I had chosen the right weight. I upped the weight on my one-arm chin-up i.e. made it harder and that, again, wound up being just the right weight. My bench went well as I adjust to a new weight. The new set of pull-ups, 32221 continue to show weakness on the last rep of 3, the first pull-up, but the rest go well. Another new exercise was deep dips; my dips + push-ups exercise, while very challenging, nevertheless trends toward more shallow dips. So I went deep and got 3. I repeated those in a second set and actually felt a little better. All in all, the deep dip exercise will be added to my repertoire while maintaining the dips + push-ups, just on different days.

I have less than a month before my nephew arrives and I hope to show him the effects, the good effects, of this randomization. Some days I stick to one or two muscle groups and others I’m all over the place, although I do tend to do fewer lifts on some days, focusing on heavy weights, and more exercises another day, focusing on body weight or light weight exercises like prone cobra, obliques, Roman chair, etc.

Oct. 8 Today I focused on presses. All went very, very well. I then threw in to ‘pull’ exercises: pull-ups and one-arm chin-ups. The former went very, very well also, but I need a spotter to tell me if I am getting the bar up to my chest. The latter showed great progress as I got 10 reps instead of only 5. My first exercise was push-ups, which I haven’t done in ages outside the dips~push-ups combination. I got 30 with no problem.

All that after falling on my kiester in the shower yesterday. I stupidly didn’t wear socks for tractions when I was cleaning with a slippery floor, so out from under me went my feet. Luckily my old judo training came in and I hit the floor with minimum damage but my hip landed on the edge of the metal part the door closes on and that’s sore, but that’s it.

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