Nyah’s first lesson June 25

First TPRS French lesson.

Ou est Flower? (my dog)

Chez vous (she answered in French. That was pretty much the last time. By October she was beginning to spontaneously emit oui)

Est-ce qu’il y a un chien chez nous?


Est-ce qu’il y a une Mema chez vous? (Mema is my wife, her grandmother)


Est-ce qu’il y a un chat chez nous?


C’est ridicule.

Ridicule (in Fr. again. That ended right away, by the second lesson.)

Zero est fou. (her dog who is in the room and who had bitten me and was panting so loud he almost drowned out our voices)

(she laughs. But at this point I’m gesturing ‘fou’)



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