How history class dumbs us down

Lies My Teacher Told Me is filled with eye-opening vignettes of how textbooks for high school students distort the history of our country. Faced with the right-wing slavering mob in Texas, the largest purchaser of textbooks, all publishers quake and pale and give in. In fact, one might wonder if there is anyone available to present a clear-eyed history of our country.
Loewen, the author, presents the invasion of Russia in 1918 under Wilson as an example of washing away of such actions by our government. In teaching Russian I was motivated to bring that event up b/ of an incident back around 1967 when I read an article in a history magazine about the invasion. I mentioned it to my colleagues in the office and was met with not just incredulity but hostility. How could I say that about the United States? Such is the result of our inexcusable and baseless distortion of history. How prepared were these people for understanding what happened in Iran about ten years later when they saw the U.
S. as being of snow-white purity?

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