Nyah’s lesson # Nov. 5

Qu’est-ce que c’est que les animaux disent aux princesses?
She’s ugly.
Before I set the recorder up I’d asked the same question and she replied, “What do they say?”
Je m’en fiche.
But you DO care.
Me: belle is beautiful and beau is……..
Her: handsome.
Me: (throwing down my pointer) My work is done here. (with her showing the ability to recognize a difference in meaning of the beau~belle lexical item in English based on sex: beautiful for women, handsome for men)
She asks how to say “pretty” and when I tell her, she voices her realization that the word-play in English: you’re pretty ugly, doesn’t work in French. I gave her ‘assez’ for pretty in that sense and ‘joli’ for pretty in the usual sense)
Est-ce que les princesses ont cachait les animaux ou parlaient aux animaux?
Non. Les princesses cachaient la nourriture.
Oh. Yeah (she’d mixed up cacher and chercher, but when I gave her the context of cacher la nourriture, “hide” kicked in.)
Est-ce que vous parlez aux animaux?
In the woods?
Non, nous sommes chez vous. Vous parlez aux chiens et au chat?
Comment s’appelle le chat?
(There follows a series of sentences in the imperfective (imparfait) where I ask her to identify from a list of characteristics of the imperfective which one applies in that case. She did very well and we shifted briefly over to the perfectives. I’ll post those characteristics in a separate blog entry.)

She texted me this day saying she wanted to cut the lesson short b/c she had a headache. I texted back ‘mal de tete?’ and she texted back ‘oui’. Yea!! Output in French. Then she followed that text up with another: it’s hard to write out.

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