In response to the mid-term elections

We gathered last night with Democrats from LD17 in AZ. At times we were buoyed up but overall we did not get the wave. Considering the enthusiasm generated by disgust and horror at GOP policies and strategy, one would have thought a wipe-out of at least right wing candidates was in the offing, but no, as Joe Scarborough said this morning, a big percentage of Americans went for the racism characterizing Trump’s final push.
HOWEVER, with Dems controlling the committees of the House, many things can be done. Yes, many things. Elijah Cummins has a list. Someone else pointed out that if Trump dumps Mueller, he can just hire Mueller as special counsel to the Judiciary Committee. And so on.
Will someone now look at Trump making money off his position as an office holder, something any other office holder would be vulnerable to? Will the emoluments clause of the Constitution be invoked and applied? Will the House advise and consent Trump into more rash actions? We hope so. Derailing this fool’s errands may not be in the Dems best interests since letting him run his course would show Americans once and for all how disastrous the Right’s policies are. But for the sake of the country, he has to be stopped.
Held accountable is the normal phrase but not applicable here since Trump does not recognize law or accountability in anything. He even lusts after his own daughter. Trump is unaccountable. That’s what his base likes about him; they are tired of being held accountable for their child support and alimony payments, their DUI charges, their taxes, their behavior on the job, and so many other derelict behaviors. Just to be free to be me, as they would say…..strapped with an AK 47 and a Stand Your Ground law, they swagger around proclaiming they at last have one of their own in the White House.
Boy, do they. Democrats: get to work. I’m getting back in touch with my legislative district and volunteering this week. Only two years.
Oh, and the Dems can subpoena Trump’s tax returns. How delicious.

Nov. 8 Having read the NYT and listened to Morning Joe, it is possible to breathe a little now. As much as victories in Florida, Texas, and Georgia would have had tremendous symbolic value as well as practical effects, we got the House. Now we can fight back, as our Founders intended.

I had a long conversation with my Trump-supporter (officially declared) neighbor and it is amazing how easy it is to reach common ground on issues like immigration once you’ve swatted away the Fox News propaganda. BTW, where’s the caravan today? Has it reached Oshkosh yet?

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