Nyah’s lesson 68, Nov. 9 VR #49

Interesting how it hit her that the ‘a’ and ‘avait’ of ‘il y a’ and ‘il y avait’ is not ‘is’ and ‘was’, like in English. It was her introduction to idioms and went very well as she persisted in understanding.

Then I used the word ‘eglise’ and she understood when I gestured it (praying hands) but then asked, “What’s grey then?” As I repeated the words she then heard the difference.


le fils allait se marier.

to get married.

There followed the frustrating part for me of using the circling method. My granddaughter does not grasp questions like ‘the boy is going to church…. who is going to church?’

Le loup-garou,c’est un animal, c’est une personne qui est loup

the werewolf?

Then we listened to a song on the internet, ‘Les zombis et les loups-garous’. I asked if she knew another word that had ‘gar’ in it and she said, ‘like garcon’. The song did not amuse her. She found the song “annoying”. Oh well.

Nous suivons les mots (of the song)

(she didn’t know suivre and when I tried to pass over it b/c it wasn’t not one we’d used much she persisted in wanting to know it. A good indicator of her motivation.)

Here I will state something personal about my student: she is an excellent student and shows impatience when she is “confused”, by which, I discovered, students mean they don’t understand. They have learned to say that in order to get help in school. We really need to change the way we deal with kids.

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