Battling the Right on its Home Turf

Our grandson attends high school in an extremely Red part of the U.S., the East Valley of Maricopa County, AZ. I would imagine Fox News is on all the time in 90% of the homes around here. (I was disabused of that stereotype recently when a Democratic campaign manager showed me a map of Democratic and Democratic-leaning independents in my neighborhood; there’s a lot of us and my candidate for the AZ House won!) So he comes home from school with his head full of comments from his classmates. He is very bright (no grandpa pride there, he just went through a battery of tests by the top psychologist for children in the state and they confirmed) and is also autistic. My wife and I are inveterate Liberal Democrats and watch MSNBC (on the computer b/c we got rid of our cable). So when he challenged my one-sided TV watching, I tried to explain about all the conservative outlets and POVs I get through blogs, columns, magazine articles, books, going to lectures by conservatives at the university nearby (ASU), and talking with my Trump-supporting neighbor. So I brought up Erik Erickson’s Red State blog and showed it to him and said, “OK, here’s a conservative, not a Fox News “the caravans are coming!!! the caravans are coming!!!” Trumpster. I hope he reads it and it leads him to other conservatives and not the Alex Jones types his classmates watch.

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