Run for the border

Trump has created another crisis that he is milking to gin up his base. By sending troops to the border in violation of the Constitution he has highlighted the incompetence of his administration which did not prepare for the arrival of the “caravans.” If these caravans were so dangerous to us as he proclaimed, why not prepare for them?
A rural newspaper, a weekly, got an award in Vail, CO. Local people, farmers mostly, support Trump and don’t trust the media. They don’t want to be told how to feel and which way to go, as one lawyer there put it. How many of them know that this use of Federal troops is illegal? How many know that it is legal to apply for asylum in the U.S.? A CNN reporter interviewed a group of women, one of whom, a Republican, of course, did not know it is legal to apply for asylum and when informed of the fact, blurted out, “Well, maybe Trump will change that.”
Trump can change any law, even those enshrined in our Constitution. That is what his supporters believe. They also believed Obama acted illegally and against the Constitution. Now tell me this: if these people do not know basic facts about our laws and that soldiers cannot police anymore than policemen can manage a combat situation, who will tell them? Certainly not their local politicians. After reading Lies My Teacher Told Me, it is clear most teachers won’t. No, it is the journalists. I hope this award-winning newspaper will do just that.

I just posted this to the review board:

Americans get tied up in personalities. Joe speaks with a lot of experience. He is a conservative. So are some of his guests. I am a liberal. I learn. All MSNBC shows are commentary, not straight news. If that nice lady on the CNN interview of the “fun” group of friends did not know that seeking asylum is legal, who will tell her? Only Rachel or Joe or Mika or Ari or Nicole……. Get my point? How about troops acting on U.S. soil. Legal or illegal? Gotta love Trump: he’s bringing out all the ignorance of the American people.

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