Further evidence of Trump’s mob connections

Not hard evidence but inferences from behavior. Notice how in his 90 minute press conference after the elections he chastised and mocked Republicans who had wanted to disassociate themselves from him by saying, “They didn’t want my embrace.” Now think back to the opening scene of the first Godfather movie and how Don Corleone told the supplicant, “You never wanted my friendship. And you feared to be in my debt.” The reply: “I was afraid to get into trouble.” Sounds like a Republican wary of Trump’s ’embrace’.

Nov. 30 Today Trump referred to Michael Cohen as “weak” b/c he cooperated with law enforcement. The only reference point Trump has is himself and since Cohen’s testimony may bring down the house of Trump (lots to come out on his adult children), Trump expected him to “take a bullet” for him, Cohen’s earlier words. One day someone is going to make a movie about this and if it is an Oliver Stone-type, it will portray Trump as a mob boss. He has all the weaknesses and blind spots.


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