My psoas

Say what? Well, it’s a bit like a sore ass as pronounced down south but it is a core muscle I did not know about until I began certain exercises which resulted in a very sore psoas that made me think I had a hernia.
After some leg lifts and squats, I had a very sharp pain from time to time in my groin and a milder pain there off and on. I noticed it went away, sometimes quite suddenly, but returned when I did said exercises. I checked with a visiting friend who is a nurse and she reassured me it just needed stretching and exercise.
So I have been relatively free of discomfort the last week or so until this morning, occasioning this entry to the blog. Sure enough, I did some exercises yesterday. All in all, I seem to be doing better with it and there are some good sites on the web dealing with it.

Dec. 4. Feeling the strain on the right side of my groin and probed a little and swear I have a hernia. Now I need to find a GP who can examine me. Crap.

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