Nyah’s lesson #55 Dec. 3, 2018

We continued today with the mermaids or sirens who can transform themselves and eat men. (???) I will continue with this post, transcribing parts of the lesson, but I wanted to follow up on the breakthrough where I’ve got her making the story as I “ask” it. I need “cruise ship” b/c the sirens are on the ship and the men are disappearing.
I modeled acquisition for her when I could not think of how to say “at first” or “first”; my brain got misled by English and I was thinking of ‘premier’, ‘premier’, etc. When I gave up and turned to her “d’abord” spilled out b/c I still wanted to signal breaking off from the story and going to PQA first. So the word “d’abord” was there all the time but I had been blocking on it due to equating ‘first’ with ‘premier’.
I gave her an assignment of drawing and labeling in French the animals of the house, the woods, and the sea. That’s my sneaky was of getting her started writing French. From there we can get to quick-writes, etc.

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