Great idea of mine…. but is it tprs?

Today I texted Nyah about when we were going to meet. She answered with ‘oui’. So I texted back Ah! Vous parlez francais and she texted back all caps with exclamation points OUI!!!
Production, from what I’ve seen, is still 5 or 6 months away and she has shown herself reluctant to say or write anything in French. So I gave her homework of writing down all the animals that occur in the woods, the sea, and the home. It took her forever to figure out she was to write them in French but she did.
All of her words are written on posters on the wall of our “classroom”, about 350 of them. So, fretting over how I would recycle all these words, I hit upon an idea and I’m real excited about it. It will do two things: get her to look over the posters for particular words, which she does already and is very good at; and also get her to review the words.
It is a card game. It is in categories like ‘X or Y’, ‘what do you do with. a …..,’ ‘What do you find here’, ‘Answer’, ‘What does not belong’, ‘pairs’, etc. So e.g. what do you do with beer, coffee, wine, water: drink. What does not belong: beer, coffee, computer, wine, water: computer. What is found here, kitchen: chef/food. And so on in seven or eight categories. I have a great many made up already and they are easy and fun to make up, so for “garden” I could have What is found here: trees; Which does not belong: garden, house, flowers, trees, computers: computers. Etc.
Let me employ this tomorrow and I’ll report back here. I would love comments. Soon I’ll go back on the listservs moretprs, flteach, and Latin Best Practices and get their feedback, too.

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