president or President?

Max Boot had trouble spelling President with a capital P when Trump hit the scene. It made me think why I defer to the President….. or did….. as “my President.” Simple: the American people, my people, had said they wanted this person to lead them. He deserved my respect for that at least.
George W. Bush tested me as did Reagan but I held firm to the notion that as I believe in democracy, the will of the American people who had overcome centuries of racism to finally recognize the right of African-Americans to vote after years of painful battle must be respected.
And then along came Trump and two forces collided the way those rogue waves do in an Atlantic storm: voter suppression and the behavior of Trumpsters.
Where did Trump supporters go when they won a squeaker? They got triumphalist on us. Are we supposed to not rub their noses in their disgusting choice, are we not to enjoy our triumph over a GOP that has been courting racists since the late 60s?

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