I want to join Elie Mystal’s church

As pastor, Mystal would be great, calling out the zombies. Today, Feb. 16, 2019, he told us the Trump supporters were zombies and we are wasting our time trying to get them back. They voted for bigotry and sexism and Trump keeps delivering and as long as he does they will ignore law and real effects b/c they always have. They always have b/c they are unaware of things like economics, society, history, facts, science, and so much more.
Don’t get me wrong; many are nice people. I know one personally and he is a great guy who listens only to Fox and remembers a golden past, where men were men and women were women…… you know the drill. Nothing will penetrate that. Sometimes starry-eyed liberals like to invoke education as the solution used for de-zombification. True dat, but only if you can take them back to first grade and start all over.

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