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Due to various exigencies I got off the listservs flteach, moretprs and latinbestpractices over a year ago. In that time, my granddaughter wanted me to teach her French and, thinking she would last only until school started, I decided to do pure tprs. She has come 5 days a week for 8 months now. Because I’ve been on flteach since about 1996 and moretprs for many years as well, I imagine members would know that while I championed tprs, I had never used it myself. Here was my chance.
The progress my granddaughter has made is so great that I wanted to share it with my old listserv buddies. To my disappointment, I find that the listservs have declined greatly, not in membership but in posts. A member of both flteach and moretprs happened to have contacted me and I asked her what happened. She said people on moretprs had migrated to Facebook and other sites focusing on CI teaching.
I was so happy, once I started receiving posts from flteach, to see Lori Szymanski posting; she was one of the few who maintained contact with me this past year. Those of you who remember my confrontational and argumentative style in the past will recognize all that on my blog, which is why I titled my blog Pat’s Polemics (the person who set it up for me, Wes Groleau, had a lay-over in Phoenix last week and I met him and his wife for the first time).
However, those wishing to follow my Amazing Adventures with my granddaughter can go to the blog whose address I believe Charlotte has already posted to the list (https://barrett.lang-learn.org). Under categories, tprs appears and that is where the partial transcriptions of our lessons appear. I would love to discuss details with people who are interested. In the interest of maintaining the polemical nature of the blog, I also throw in my view of this devolution of traffic on the listservs, esp the migration of members to more specialized blogs and sites. I note that one of the responses to the thread on Escape Room Activities suggested interested parties go to a Facebook page. Hmmmm.

Oh my gosh! I just saw Deb Blaz’ name pop up. My cup runneth over.

Pat Barrett



ADDENDUM I am happy to see I must have gone to a specialized tprs group b/c I finally found the original group and there seems to be activity on it. Great. I’m also in LatinBestPractices, so all my old listservs on fl teaching.

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  1. Bayda Nouneh says:

    Bonjour Pat,

    Love your story. Je viens d’ajouter ton site à mes “bookmarks”. Merci!

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