Pushing on

Recently I’ve began a routine of one night yoga, next night body pump, skip a day, then w/o with weights. This week I did a heavy w/o with weights Sunday, yoga Monday, Body Pump Tuesday, rested yesterday, then went today and turned around and came right back out. No energy.

Why is that? Stress could be part of it. Maybe the 3 days running of hard exercise (yoga is hardest!) with only one day (of stress) in between is too much. I’ll do my 40 push-ups tonight and see what I can do tomorrow.

I’m excited about getting to pull-ups sans assistance. In fact, I think I’ll try those tonight too (I have a bar in my garage if I don’t kill myself stepping over lawnmowers and shovels). See? I get excited but I think I just need to rest one more day and try again tomorrow.

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