Nyah’s lesson #104 March 20

She always reminds me to write the English for the French.

Comment s’appelle la femme du president? Thinking I meant Trump, she couldn’t remember. I then clarified we were talking about an imaginary president.

Enfants stumped her, even though I wrote it out. She whined about not knowing it. I wrote i over the e and it still didn’t work. I then wrote infant but only after she asked for the English, which is exactly what tprs calls for.

Qu’est-ce qu’il a comme animaux. “a dog…..a cat, a fish”  Comment s’appelle le poisson. “Rocky” etc.incl. a cat named dog and a dog named mouse. Now that’s the goofiness that is good for tprs story asking.

Ou nage … habite Rocky. La piscine? that elicited indignation that a fish would live in a swimming pool – the only piscine she knows and which led to my discovery of the several words for pool that are not piscine, which indeed is only a swimming pool. She said the fish lives in a secret room, which led beautifully to a pop-up on derivatives I had planned on doing but this gave me a natural segway – Ha! some Eng I learned, it’s not segway but segue – so segue into a brief unit on ‘cacher’ and its derivatives, incl cachot = dungeon, cachetier = secretive, cachette = kid’s hiding place, cache-cache = hide n seek (which she got as ‘hide in plain sight’ so I corrected that). Then I mentioned Eng cachet.

I added that Rocky lives on the roof. I drew the White House roof and wrote toit, so we’ll see, without further reinforcement, if she knows that word when we do a lesson next week on household chores, as in do you clean the floor or the roof?

Today she looked puny, as if she had the start of a cold.

I said va tuer and she said ‘you have’, IOW she heard ‘tu as’. Very good. It is obvious she is learning the sounds of French.

And I was impressed with her getting ‘angleterre’ with no context and ‘roi’ leading to ‘queen’ from ‘la femme du roi’.

Going for ‘dirige’, a word we haven’t used in a long time, I said, ‘dirige le bateau’ and she said ‘steer’.

I put up ‘primier misistre’ – changed to ‘primiere ministre’ – d’angleterre for Eng and she didn’t know but then said Pierre Trudeau for Canada. It’s just that sort of back and forth in French which contributes so much to her flexibility with French.



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