Nyah’s lesson #102 March 15,2019

I provided post-its with names of places on the map of the forest and she places them on the spot, e.g. la riviere goes on the river. She did this quickly. I had to read la pluie for her and she immediately knew it meant rain. Little use of the word though the use was recent. My own deficits are shown by her request to know how to say boulder instead of rock and I had to look it up (bloc de roche). Not sure of le sentier (path), she did know suit (follow) so I asked what she follows and she got path from the context.

We did the card game where I read off questions. She had to distinguish between the Little Red Riding Hood story and the one we devised using a map of the forest, e.g. quelqu’un est malade (someone is sick) elicits ‘cartoon’, ‘grandma’. She at first professed ignorance of le panier but after a pause and me acting out carrying something, she said basket. And so it went.

We then went over the words for dwelling place and she wrote them as I dictated them. She lives on a drive and I had to look that up (alle). When giving salle a manger and salle de bain I used them to show how de refers to the bath being in the room and the a refers to what goes on in the room, i.e. the bath tub is placed in the room, part of the room and manger is the activity.

She got laver right away. When someone called and I asked them if they wanted me to call them back on their cell or landline, she made fun of my ‘landline’. I’ll learn teenage yet.

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