Nyah’s lesson #100 March 13, 2019

Going over the script of Le Petit Chaperon Rouge cartoon. Started by playing the video from the beginning. An argument broke out over wearing something, her hood, wasn’t ‘doing’ something. Then she objected to my abbreviating the title to LPCR, saying I could just cut and paste b/c I don’t have a word processor on this computer, so she said I should go to Google Docs and I had to shut her down b/c she knows so much more about computers than I do.
I had the script in front of us as we went over each line. We had to clarify that ‘herbe’ means both grass and herbs in French.
She recalled se mit as ‘set out’ from the story Le Plus Beau Tresor and ecarte she related to carte, card.
We clarified lui as to her and she got lui dit sa mere without being confused by the word order. I had to look up s’enfoncer. I related it to fondu she related it to submerge and I mentioned profound. She seems to recall these discussions months after.

Then we discussed how petit means small or little but in this context, the Forest of Little Rabbits, small doesn’t work.

Going over this script reveals her determination and insistence in grasping the details of word usage and grammar.

She didn’t know the English ‘thicket’. Later ‘tendered’ for ‘hand to’ came up and she thought she’d heard it but wasn’t sure about its meaning.

Many more meanings she got demonstrating her great recall.

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