Settled into a routine

At this point, I can say I am well settled into a routine of yoga Monday, Body Pump Tuesday, 40 push-ups on off-days and my workout with weights two times during the rest of the week. I’m feeling very good with this and the only sticking point is my pull-ups; I pushed too fast and failed to get full range of motion so that when I try to do them at a regular bar, I fail to get the bar to my chest. So I’m dropping back down on the assist bar to get more assistance.

March 4: After my yoga and Body Pump days I skipped Wednesday and figured I’d go work out Thursday, today. But as I lay in bed, I felt my body and thought, you know, maybe I need another day so I’ll go Friday and Sunday, but I’ll do my 40 push-ups today, Thursday. I got only 35, which confirmed for me that I wasn’t ready for a full work-out. But then, after washing the dog and having lunch, I tried the push-ups again and knocked out 40 easily. So I don’t understand; warm-up? second set? food in my stomach? clean dog?

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