Fruits of consistency

Since my surgery in December and my week off in Februrary, I have surged in the consistency with which I get to the gym. I do yoga on Mondays, Body Pump on Tuesdays, work in a weight workout two days a week and have just added the “ups” in my garage on off-days: pull-ups, push-ups, and roll-ups. Two weeks ago I wrote about my failure to progress on pull-ups so I decided to switch to working a build-up program starting with 5 sets of one in my garage. I’m still doing only 40 push-ups but figure to advance that soon. The roll-ups consist of a short bar with a rope attached. At the other end is a weight, 15 # for now, and you use both hands to roll the weight up to the bar. Right now I can only do one set. It works your hands and forearms.

The other day I walked into the gym and just did not want to do my regular work-out so I improvised and had a great session. Eventually I am going to have to revamp my work-out.

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