Nyah’s lesson #111, April 8, 2019

Initially we did some personalized stuff and I did a very poor job getting her to understand ‘son’, her. tprs says tell them what it means and they are right. I get that ‘teacher’ mode going and think, “Well, we’ve had that so I just need to trigger it.”

She translated ‘ancienne’ as long ago. That shows she understands the basic meaning of the word. Eventually she moved to ancient.

As part of not sheltering grammar, I’m using the subjunctive, esp. with ‘je veux’ ‘I want you to….”

She got ‘beaucoup plus’ as a lot more but questioned it. She really doesn’t let anything get by her that she doesn’t understand.

She asked why ‘ago’ goes first in French – il y a 2 ans…..2 years ago.

So we read a section over and I showed her the book it came from. She got the title, Treasures of Time. Then I revealed to her that it is the textbook for Honors French IV. For next time I have selected a sentence from p. 126 to show her that the first page was not easier then the rest of the book. I told her that if she keeps up this pace of 4 to 5 days a week, she’ll be able to ‘do’ the SAT French by October, when the test is. It surprised me and she was pleased. She revealed that she hopes to put the score on her college applications.

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