Probing Barr’s Brain

What if we had a probe we could insert into Wm. Barr’s brain and suck out his idea, concepts, ideals, motives, dreams, and purpose. What might we find upon analysis? Here’s my guess.

A person who is not a crude racist but who thinks vaguely about how it is Europeans and Whites who are in positions of power and anything different is alarming if allowed to get out of hand.

A person who is convivial and generous and trustworthy with friends and persons in his circle but those who fall outside that circle are owed nothing.

A person who has ideals but whose honor and integrity are overridden by the hope of achievement in instantiating those ideals.

A person who is comfortable in the citadel of power but uncomfortable around people who seem not to be powerful themselves or even reach for power.

A person who, at some level, is insecure and constantly proves himself capable and worthy but who then stands ready to judge others harshly.

A person who accepts the ways of the world, especially the power dynamic, but who fears losing power.

Ultimately, it is that fear that keeps Barr supporting the most reprehensible American political figure in the hope of gaining another Supreme Court Justice or two and thus transmogrifying the country into his vision.

What is his vision?

To be continued…….

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