Fighting the state

No, not The State, as in The Deep State, but the state of Arizona, determined to preserve the life of the unborn but adopting the motto “let him rot” for the born. For a decade we have tried to get services for our two autistic grandchildren. We have a court hearing coming up on the denial of services by the state. The eldest will be 18 in August. This is what life is like in a red state.

May 26, 2019 We had a good attorney. After all the copying and faxing and phone calls and e-mails and thumbing through hundreds of pages of documents, she did not charge us anything. She made very clear why we would not win the appeal. It turns out there are other avenues.

The tough part is that once our eldest grandson is 18, he makes all the decisions and he doesn’t think he needs any support, assistance, therapy, or counseling.

Let’s see.

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