Three big things going on now that don’t involve subpoenas

It is May 16, 2019 and do you know where your country is headed? We have a task force in the Persian Gulf and John Bolton in the White House….. what could go wrong? Tariffs, what the colonists called taxes, threaten the life styles of the Trump base. Alabama has asserted the right of man to control woman.


Because the Trump base think Iran is full of nothing but empty towels, provoking an armed conflict is a replay of the walk in the park that was Iraq. Just ask Rumsfeld. A split between Bolton and Trump seems to have opened, not as wide a split as between those two and sane people.

The farmers in red states may take off the John Deere caps long enough to scratch their heads and wonder if Trump knows what he is doing. Those in blue states have known for some time what Trump is doing: destroying the market. Right now just the agricultural markets but soon the stock market.

If Alabama and other southern states goad the Supreme Court into reviewing the law, which will surely be struck down as unconstitutional and an outcome which SCOTUS will most likely avoid like a skunk under their robes, then it falls to the state and watch the Alabama state legislators’ daughters head for California and New York to visit their sick aunt. Joe Scarborough opines that just the passage of this bill in Alabama has gained all the White female suburbs of America’s votes for the Dems. [that’s called a ‘group genitive’ for the grammar mavens reading my blog] My serious question is who is both Prolife and anti-abortion and non-religious? Is there any anti-abortion, prolife person who is not religious? Let me know if you are or know anyone like that.


Ain’t American politics fun? Reading Before the Storm, I really think it was worse then except now Goldwater won but even Goldwater was sane despite the refrain of the day, “in your guts you know he’s nuts.”

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