Metaphorical tropes

I think I have the terms right. Listening to Admiral Stavridis on Morning Joe I noted his extensive use of these. I always thought expressions like “the wheels are coming off the stage coach/covered wagon”, drawn from Western movies and “stay in your own lane” from race car driving or just driving were colorful. Here’s a number Stavridis used just today:
“hits the radar horizon”
“a game changer”
“condominium between Putin and Xi”
“strings crossing” as in the movie Ghost Busters
“get inside your turning circle”
“drop a plumb line”
“apples & hubcaps” (vs apples and oranges)
“bend China but don’t break it”
“genie out of the bottle”
A couple are old and common and several clearly come out of his naval background.
Steve the economist mentioned the “sugar high” for the market of some of Trump’s moves.

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