The difference now……

Trump is not the problem; it’s his voters. Most of his supporters have been hurling epithets at liberals for years: snow flake, commies, cowards, socialists, America haters, god haters, and so on. We liberals attributed their views to the very things that seem to be indicators of a Trump voter: limited education, limited access to information, limited experience in the world, limited scope of action, limited job opportunities, limited finances. It was condescending but those were forces outside the individual right winger. We reserved our real condemnation for the educated and well-resourced conservative who knew better, who knew why the immigration situation was the way it was, why economics worked the way they worked, including taxes, and why foreign wars were necessary.
Now things are different. Trump trumpeted his racism when he rode down the escalator; he trumpeted his view of woman as cum bags on the Access Hollywood tape; he displayed his purpose by praising dictators and disparaging our democratic allies. And still they voted for him. That had nothing to do with Fox News.
They chose the Dark Side. And now we will hold them responsible. The Democratic Party can lead in this if only they change leadership and get some hardball players.

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