Today is the day

Today is the day I do what I was supposed to do initially: circle. As I have reported in my earlier write-ups of our sessions, Nyah’s quick comprehension and easy boredom with any sort of fantasy seduced me into just plunging ahead with stories without asking them and certainly without circling them.
Now, before I don my sackcloth and ashes, let me say that the transcriptions – really just summaries – of our sessions will show constant comprehension checks and her comprehension has been astounding. Nevertheless, circling has not been happening or only sporadically.
So I have composed a simple outline reporting on my dogs when I was a kid vs her dogs (she’s late today because the 3 dogs are fighting – one retriever and two French Bulldogs, guess which ones are the most aggressive), giving me the opportunity to stress the personal adjective vs a + disjunctive pronoun distinction in possession – mon chien vs le chien a moi.
The whole point of all this is that she will begin responding in French (see last post: TPRS with Nyah One Year Update) so as to learn, as she puts it, what goes between the words, an excellent way to describe syntax.
My only regret is that no one has responded to any of these posts. I would love feedback.


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