Great quote on technology in the FL classroom

From Ben Slavic’s TPRS In a Year, p. 132:
“If technology really helped kids acquire languages, then it would be used all the time in schools and kids would acquire languages much faster than kids in the past, but that doesn’t seem to be happening [correction: it is not happening… no ‘seem’ about it. My A student granddaughter did her 2 years of Spanish and we talked about it almost every day when I picked her up and she laughed at the class. She learned no Spanish]
Those 15 inch wide laser disks lasted about a year in American classrooms, and other so-called great innovations have all met the same fate, including the miseable thing called the language lab, which made a tremendous amount of people hate language learning for many decades in the latter part of the last century [not to mention the teachers forced to herd their kids into dingy computer labs where half the class period was spent trying to get the great technology to work b/c the IT guy was busy with the STEM folks]”

So please, teachers who swear by those worksheets and clever communicative exercises and high tech teaching, where are your results? A colleague once told me about her ridiculous supervisor who would thrust her head aggressively in her room and bellow in her accented English, “Vear are your verps? Vear are your verps?” the be-all-and-end-all of FL instruction. So my call is, “Vear are your results?”

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