News on the Nyah front

This summer proved a bust. What was supposed to be between 5 and 7 visits a week turned out to be more like three. Too many dogs to take care, a grandmother to move into a care facility and a dying aunt to tend to.
Once school started things went back to normal.

The suddenly things opened up. Nyah decided to go on-line with her classes. After some consultation with my wife and me and a friend who teaches IB, she and her mom decided it was a good move. For our lessons that means expanded time each day. She has also declared as an aside that we will be continuing lessons after she gets back from France.

In discussing the on-line classes issue, her mom told us she loves the French and anything French on T.V. gets replayed. Today Nyah told me that for the normal lesson period we could do stories (you know, the ones that bore her so much) and afterwards the Haugen Boxes. Quite a rise in activity. I am extremely pleased.

Sept. 9, 2019 Speaking of stories, I discovered the Jataka tales. I was starting to read some and thought they would be good stories, so I translated a couple into French and we’ll use those today. Also, she admitted to liking doing some grammar and the Haugen Boxes I wrote up for today offer some challenges in that regard.

Sept. 11 OK. Scratch that. “Bor-r-r-ing” She wants scary stories with dead bodies, so I started one today sitting in the doctor’s office. The writing/creating process bears scrutiny but I’ll wait until I get her reaction to it before I celebrate my talent. One way or the other I will post it here and will ask for corrections to the French.

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