Which California would you rather live in?

“When I asked her what she made of the college admissions scandal, she expressed some puzzlement. Didn’t those rich parents know that everyone would have been better off if they’d devoted their own financial windfalls to college scholarships for all the kids who can’t afford it?

In that answer lies a parable about two Californias—one rich and old and pessimistic about their own children’s abilities to rise, and the other poor but young and optimistic and determined to lift everyone up.

Which California would you rather live in?”
– from Joe Matthews in The Zocalo Public Square

That is a value question. Tonight I heard David Gushee, a renowned theologian and scholar as well as Christian Evangelical minister speak on how our divisions in America began of recent and the role of evangelical religion in that division. He apparently no longer considers himself and evangelical and many evangelicals would agree with him on that and only that.

Some good questions came from the audience at AzSU and to one he pointed out that liberals are often chary of making value judgments! But that is what being a liberal actually is, a value judgment. Oh well.

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