Where Are We Now?

As long as Trump was smearing the reputations of Black leaders, tearing Hispanic toddlers from their parents’ arms, denying entry to the country based on religion, and praising compliant women, the Republicans were OK with him. Even when he betrayed our country and an ally by withholding military aid until that ally interfered in our election to get him elected, the Republicans were still OK with Trump.
Now that he has left our battlefield ally to be slaughtered, they have finally hit bottom, like the drunkards they are, and have muttered through thick lips while staring at the television camera through bleary eyes, “I give up. He’s an asshole.”
Will they dump Trump and put Pence in? What if Pence won’t meet with foreign leaders who are female without his wife present? No, the only thing Republicans are capable of is shouting “Benghazi!” and stroking their donors.

Some people I hear are getting mighty sick of Johnny-Come-Latelies, people who reserved judgment, who did not want to jump to conclusions, who sought to see both sides, and studiously ignored the evidence in front of them. As the evidence mounted month after month and then week after week and then day after day and then hour after hour……… let’s see, what is the Liberal version of “snow flake?”…….. the pusillanimous finally clambered on board. I guess we are supposed to give them a hand in but what about the next fool who puts protecting the unborn first and assures us climate science is a hoax? Will they hem and haw over him, too? When they see hundreds of thousands of women marching against him the day after his inauguration and then hear him and his lackeys lie and say the inauguration crowd was the biggest ever, will they then change the subject and want to discuss his policies? Even after he has made that clear in his Nazi flag decorated rallies? A good many of us recognized Trump’s eighth grade bully language, his mafioso comments. Not the Johnny-Come-Latelies, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Monkeys.
Maybe this IS who we are.

Oct. 19, 2019 Good lord! Only eleven days later and we see the wheels not just coming off but rolling down the hill. Scrambling out of the way are high level Trump surrogates and supporters, trying to stay close without actually being tied to the wheel. (how far can I take this analogy?) What they miss is that the whole wagon is bumping along after them and attached to the wheel or not, they are going to get run over bigly.

[NB analysis by linguists of Trump’s ‘bigly’ shows that he is saying ‘big league’; he just swallows the g a bit like his supporters swallow their pride, dignity and honor)

Watch Lindsey Graham.

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