It’s interesting to me……

That’s how Papal Bulls are titled, by their introductory phrase. That’s me, without the Papal part.
So….. it’s interesting to me how conservatives and populists want us to understand the pain of the left-behind rural, evangelical, opioid-addicted Trumpster but when we are talking about brown people it’s all about personal responsibility.

And have you noticed that when businesses overstep the boundaries, we have long committee meetings in Congress attended by lobbyists for business who often wind up writing the legislation, but when labor unions overstep the boundaries and hire thugs to take on scabs or allow gangsters to infiltrate their unions, the outcry is immense and the newspapers (or whatever we have now) fill with blistering attacks on “union thugs.”

Then where do you hear the cry that we are being taxed into slavery? Yes, slavery. It comes from the Republican White South, the very people who owned actual slaves. And the taxation the 1776 people revolted against was not an income tax but tariffs. But tell that to the Tea Party oafs in their tricorn hats.

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