Delicate meaning of a word

Here is a brief discussion on the Urdu list re a particular word:

“”””Yes, exactly. Agree with Anjum Altaf Sahab here. The current use of rawaa-daari as an equivalent to English ‘tolerance’ seems to be an evolved meaning. The original meaning of the word, of course, also survives and continues to be used in various contexts.

The Oxford Urdu (living) dictionary gives the contemporary meaning for this (and for many other words in general):

On Tue, 3 Dec 2019 at 10:wrote:
Rawadaari is increasingly being used in the sense of tolerance but I believe that is slipping away from its original intent.

Rawadaari refers to an attitude that is characterised by a certain formality, a reserve that stems from a sense of decorum that itself reflects an attachment to traditional values.””””

I had added to the discussion thus:

It might be worth noting that in American English ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ are often contrasted, as in ‘mere tolerance’ versus ‘true acceptance.’

…. in response to this comment:

“to me it has the same connotations as tolerance or acceptance. to me it has the same connotations as tolerance or acceptance. “

In the field of multicultural training which I have done a lot of the terms tolerance and acceptance are conflicting, tolerance meaning “I don’t like those things/people but I guess I have to get along with them or allow them to exist” versus acceptance, meaning “I take in as part of my life and relationships things/people different and even in opposition to me and my values.”


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