They build a world and then go live in it

Now that world will come to them, at least in Britain. With a huge majority, the pro-Brexit people won, just about guaranteeing Britain’s exit of the E.U. by the end of next month (Jan. 2020). Then the consequences so argued over will appear.

The same possibility exists here: a second term for Trump (cut out my tongue) will bring the consequences soundly into view and into the lived experience of millions of Americans, including Trump’s infamous base, the base of deplorables (at least half – who the hell is the other half who voted for racism and anti-immigration?). Then we can see.

One thing we must hold true to as Democrats and/or liberals: do not let pro-Brexit and pro-Trump people off the hook by feeling sorry for them or rescuing them as the creeping disaster closes in on them. The drying up of jobs, opportunities, schooling and training, health care, geriatric care, personal security, financial security, and on and on, will begin hitting home in family after family. Even if retired Uncle Harry the big Trump supporter is untouched personally, his family members will suffer and he will suffer with them. Let him. Sorry about the others, including me.

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