The Darwin Awards – may Wendy receive one

I am so sick of people’s cruelty I cannot imagine that I have not blogged on The Darwin Awards, the award that celebrates the death of people who did something dumb, or what its followers think is dumb. A young woman (at the time) named Wendy Northcutt founded this cult of death. Wikipedia calls her website a humor site. I recall many years ago noting her celebration of the death of a young salesman who had apparently been told by his window company to lean against the glass in a tall building to show it was safe. He fell to his death. Wendy found that hilarious.

I know someone like this, a person overburdened with arrogance. Maybe Wendy could improve on her experience by delivering the news of their loved one’s death to the families. I am very disappointed that the Wiki article is laudatory and whose only mention of someone who knew the deceased reacting by saying the “award” caused much pain concluded with Wendy saying, “I can’t. It’s just too stupid.” Giggle.

I was very sorry to see that the awards are still going strong.

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