It is not as simple as it once was

In my blog entry All Liberals Are Communists and All Conservatives Are Fascists, I wrote about giving up on reading the local newspaper back in the 60s. That was because I was reading an article and I knew two things: #1 the newspaper with its conservative leaning would be biased in what it reported and #2 I would be unlikely to find anything else about it to read. I was a kid still and could not afford subscriptions to a variety of magazines, newspapers and journals.
But now we have the internet. We can find a variety of viewpoints on any issue, EXCEPT the search engines (I guess that’s what you call them) learn what you “like” and feed more of that to you. So if you start by clicking on a liberal journalist, pretty soon all the first, second and third page items listed are biased in a liberal direction because the idiot clones either think that is what you want or think that is what you should have.
There is the supreme danger of the internet: there is no button you can press or key you can depress or icon you can click on to say: “Give me a random sampling – truly random – on the topic.” You yourself have to assiduously bounce around the internet to find a variety of takes on any topic.
EXCEPT, what if our overlords do not want us to do that. I just heard on NPR today that regions of the world are adopting disparate ways of addressing the internet: Europe heavy on personal security, China and Russia heavy on government control, the U.S. a mixture. That can change.

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  1. 伟思礼 says:

    These guys claim to respect our privacy, which among other things implies that they don’t keep a record of what you searched in order to feed your bias.

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