Well, there goes my lesson plan

From a FL teacher listserv:
> I am doing a March Madness activity with my HS students and I already
> have
> 10 songs but I am in need of 6-8 more songs that are appropriate (no
> bikinis/sex/etc…) and honestly that is hard to come by. Can anyone
> lead me to some great websites or songs that I could preview??
> Gracias de antemano-

Today I received a wonderful post on the flteach listserv from Paul Garcia, speaking what I feared to speak: the decline in vigorous discussion on the listserv. He even invoked my name along with the stalwarts Barrueta, Stillman, Heller; I added Ron Sheen’s name. I backed him up and voiced my reluctance to enter the fray again, seeing how uninterested the list is in anything but what to do for Monday morning and a fun way to teach the subjunctive. There is no reflection about how learners learn a fl.

I mentioned compelling input: the bikinis and sex part motivates both boys and girls; after all, they are boys and girls. Sigh.


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