The True History of the Modern GOP

At the Republican National Convention in the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1964, a piercing reminder of what these people have been thinking all along.
As described by Rick Perlstein in The Coming Storm on p. 371, the GOP stalwarts, Keating, Javits, Lodge, and Rockefeller,  stood before the Goldwater fanatics, and reminded the mass of Goldwater supporters who had pretty much taken over the convention, of “the GOP’s glorious history of advancing civil rights, they were answered by laughs and boos.”

Those old guys were the GOP past. The Goldwaterites became the Republican party, drove out the moderates and liberals, and made the party what it is today, a party of aging White Christian men, predominantly a regional party, committed to turning the clock back to 1952. And they managed to put a mentally disordered, ignorant, crude libertine in the Oval Office.

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