A Perfect Mirror

When Trump appeared before his cabinet and congressional Republicans and vilified anyone who dared disagree with him or point out his despicable actions, those present clapped and applauded the “boss” in the face of their own cognizance of his disgusting wrong doing on all fronts, in every area of life, political and personal. Only Mitt Romney could not stomach it; they all could.
That, in a nutshell, is the kind of totally uncritical subservience to the “boss” that Republicans and conservatives in general believe employees owe their employers. That is why employers, owners, managers go crazy when their employees want to form or join a union. It is a personal rejection of them as human beings. Why would you want to go live with someone else? the weak, clinging mother says to her child? Why do you reject me?
That reveals in all its pitifulness Trump’s total lack of a cohesive personality; he cannot tolerate the slightest nuance of disapproval or disagreement or his who being begins to shrivel.
Why would Romney, a hugely successful businessman in every sense, step apart from that? Having worked with many Mormons, I can tell you they DO take God seriously.
(and notice I capitalized god just to make my point)

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